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Slaying in India: On Gender Parity, Leaning In and Messages We Tell Young Girls

My address during the Annual Summit, LIFE 2016 (Leadership Initiative For Excellence) in New Delhi, India. LIFE is an Annual event organized by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) for the Leaders Forum – young leaders who have displayed the potential to become change makers of tomorrow, who share a deep commitment to ethics, […]


Slaying in India and My Cup Running Over

My heart is so full. So. Damn. Full. I spoke to a group of 200+ young leaders from mostly India and the US this evening. I was asked to speak about gender parity and instead of spewing numbers (which I’ve learnt isn’t my strong point, unless it’s in my bank account), I spoke about my […]


A Mandela for our generation

I don’t believe in Mandela Day. I really don’t. Now I realise that this is probably the most blasphemous thing I can say, especially on this day. However, inasmuch as I don’t believe in this day, I recognise the impact that it has and I recognise what today symbolises. It is because of a day […]