Slayfontein Hiking

I’ve always wanted to hike. Or at least I always liked the idea of hiking. Conquering mountains for breakfast and taking an epic picture to go with it. There was one smaller nyana problem (actually, more than one): I live in Jozi and there are dololo mountains in these parts and my friends weren’t about that hiking life.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well. A Zulu maak a plaan.

The plan was initially a non-plan. I had made a vow to myself not to spend NYE in SA for the next couple of years after plans with a friend of mine fell through at 8PM on NYE (while I was in my car, make-up and all), I promised myself that that wasn’t going to happen to me ever again. I slept through midnight and woke up in the new year, armed with my ‘I will never be caught out of formation like that ever again’ as my new mantra.

Fast forward 11 months and I realise, I have not made any plans to be out of the republic and was five to letting myself down. It was too late to organize anything too far. Flight prices humbled me sooooo much. Anyway, I remembered that I wanted to hike and I still had that desire, so I resolved that in 2016 I would hike. That the hikes will start with the trip I was meant to have. And so started my magical adventure!

The overachiever in me wanted a big-ish challenge. I boldly declared (and started making logistical arrangements) to head to Swaziland to summit Mount Emlembe, the highest mountain in Swaziland. The #RoadToEmlembe is an epic story for another day.

I started regretting the whole thing 30 minutes into the 6-hour long hike. In reality, the actual hike hadn’t started, my guide and I were walking from the entrance of the lodge to where the actual hike was meant to start (/_\)

Fast forward a few weeks, I put up a status on FB saying I’ve started a hiking group for young black folks who want to socially hike. In true Zamantungwa style, I called it Slayfontein Hiking and the rest is history.

We meet on Sundays and my Sundays have never been so magical!
I’ll post some nuggets of wisdoms, aha moments and sheer slayery that happens on this page.

Until the next Hike,
Chief Slayer Zamantungwa